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Hosting an annual tournament for deaf and hearing impaired players

Indochina Starfish Foundation

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Founded in 2005, Indochina Starfish Foundation (ISF) combines educational and football programmes to help young people develop the skills and confidence to break out of poverty. The organisation creates safe spaces for young people from low-income areas to play football, offers catch-up academic lessons to children falling behind, and supports them through further vocational training or education. 


The ISF curriculum addresses drugs, alcohol, gambling, human trafficking, human rights, domestic violence, gender equality and self-respect. Embracing the notion that everyone has the right to play, ISF provides sports opportunities for young people with disabilities, using football as a tool for social integration.

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Indochina Starfish Foundation
Chourp Vicheka

Latest From Indochina Starfish Foundation

“When I play football, I feel strong and I’m having fun. I will never get tired of playing and hope to be a coach when I grow up.”

11 year old player
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